Liquid Diet to Detoxify Body

Debjani Basu

We keep our body and digestive system busy all day along 365 days a year by eating just anything we come across. Coupled with that if we take into account the pollution we are exposed to, the whole body keeps on accumulating toxins which are within the body and is not catered to. Here comes the true purpose of going for a liquid diet to detoxify the body.

Liquid fasting is all about abstaining from solid diet and going for only liquid diet which can be as simple as water or a lemonade depending on the toxification level we want to treat. The main objective remain getting rid of the solid wasted, from our digestive system and give it the much needed rest and also to help burn the excess deposits, fats and protein that accumulates in our body.

Here is the curated list of top 5 Liquid diets to detoxify the body.

Go the water way

Going only for a simple warm water diet is the easiest way to detoxify the body and provide benefits like increasing the immune system, giving rest to digestive system and flushing the whole system including blood vessels from impuriti. Though with so many benefits this should be tried for shorter period of time or should be followed with other forms of liquid diet. Sudden changes in calorie intake is not suitable for all so before going in for any kind of diet it is mandatory for all to consult proper dieticians.

Lemonade Fasting

Best suited for people who fasts for a longer period of time, warm water with lime is a tremendous immunity booster as well as a detoxification agent mostly targeted at cleansing the digestive tract. Some infections like intestine ulcers are said to be best treated by Lemonade fasting as it also balances the body PH level.

Juice Fasting

Juice fasting method is well suited for persons who want to maintain their body nutrients and at the same time have been recommended not to drastically alter their calorie intake. In Juice fasting either fresh fruit or vegetable juices are taken in a fixed quantity at regular intervals so as to exactly match their calorie requirement and at the same time have the benefits of giving rest to the digestive system. Since Juice is concentrated in calorie great care has to be taken regarding how much you are taking in a day.

Broth Fasting

A highly recommended way of fasting if you want to ensure that your nutrient intake meets all the requirement in terms of calories, proteins and minerals. Broth is mostly made of bones but vegetable broth is always an alternative for vegetarians. One has to ensure that they take only home made broth while fasting and those available in the market might not be meeting nutrient quality requirement while you are on a fast.

Milk Fasting

Though not a general way of fasting, sole milk intake is suggested in yogic practices to cure various disorders of the digestive systems. Milk is far more superior as compared to other fasting methods as it has almost all nutrient that body needs and at the same time has the benefits of a liquid diet. Only recommended as a short term fasting method and those with mucous problems might skip it also.

Whatever fasting methods you use, please remember that it is for detoxification. So we have to take the liquids as per the plan and necessities and don’t have to go overboard with enthusiasm in taking this to extreme levels.

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