5 Problems House Husbands Face in Our Society

Amrita Majumdar
Features writer

You would remember the recent Arjun Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor Khan starrer Ki & Ka where the handsome Arjun Kapoor played the role of a stay-at-home husband as opposed to the conventional stay-at-home wife. The concept raised many eyebrows, especially in a largely male dominated society like India. It did not matter how many times Arjun Kapoor reinstated the fact that like the average male he enjoyed “beer, football and women”, his masculinity was still debatable. Since this is a fairly new concept in our country, house husbands have to fight against some additional problems as compared to house-wives.

  • Conflict of Pre-Scripted Roles: Gender stereotypes are not easy to break when it comes to a country like ours. We as a country are easy to stereotype based on gender, community, religion etc. the list is endless. So, to convince your immediate neighbourhood that you still function normal and not pleading insanity or any other disability takes effort.
  • Social Criticism: To many this idea itself is absurd, even vulgar. A change in the socio-cultural setup has led to this reversal in gender roles. But then change is never easy. There will always be those who wish to hold onto an old system simply due to the ease of it and condemn those who wish to deviate. Therefore, disapproval from peers is a given.
  • Burden of Shame: No, not you being ashamed. But your own friends, family and sometimes even your girlfriend/spouse ashamed to introduce you as their home staying member who takes care of household chores and is the primary homemaker.Social Hypocrisy: When it comes to condescending women for being house wives, we coined the term ‘homemaker’ to emphasize the sacrifices made by a woman for her family and home. That is feminism, all in the light of women empowerment and accepting their efforts towards the maintenance of an entire household. But the same condition for a man gets him labelled as lazy and good for nothing.
  • Emotional Limitations: The acceptable emotional spectrum for men is limited in our society. Anything beyond that is not considered as gender-appropriate. So, pent up emotions lead to additional pressure of not being able to vent out or display emotions that the society deems fit.
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