New Age Advertisements that Affected the Consumers Massively

Amrita Majumdar
Features writer

Marketing and media expert Chuck Blore believes “advertising is the art of arresting the human intelligence just long enough to get money from it.”

Advertisements have been used since centuries to influence buyer behaviour. With the advent of media for the masses, companies are using new and innovative ways of showcasing their products.

Even if the ultimate aim is to sell, what is wrong with doing so with a little humour or a positive social message. Companies are re-strategizing traditional media formats to create new marketing concepts and with the dawn of digital media it is easier to communicate the same to the consumer.

  • Tanishq Jewellery: out of all the emotion evoking ads, the second marriage possibly touched the most. And we thought, yes there must be something mesmerising about that jewellery!
  • Imperial Blue – men will be men: and the tagline says it all, after all men will be men!
  • Feviqwik – chutki mei chipkaye: this award-winning ad still has us in splits.
  • The Hindu – Behave yourself India. The youth is watching: this one went viral on many social media sites. A gentle reminder of what we are putting forward to the new generation.
  • Raymond – The Complete Man: slowly breaking the clichés of what defines a man and his machismo.

  • Nescafe Ad 2014 – It all starts with a cup of coffee: #LetsGetStarted, a refreshing move over from the ‘relaxing with a mug of coffee’ scenario.
  • Idea – No ullu banaoing: “har mobile par internet” promoted the ease of using internet with great humour.
  • Titan – Raga woman of today: #HerLifeHerChoices said it all. Along with the launch of their new collection, Titan also decided to celebrate the new independent woman.
  • Asian Paints: brought in the concept that a man too needs to take that extra step to make a marriage work. Love with a whole new angle.
  • Havells Appliances: respect for women portrayed brilliantly. And the catchy phrase “chatni….patni” still brings upon a grin.
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