5 Things that Turn Off Guys on First Dates

Amrita Majumdar
Features writer

First dates are important from the perspective of first impressions. Amidst the nervousness and excitement, every move is being noticed and every action judged. So, if he is drawn to that easy smile he will be repulsed by your bad behaviour too.

The Basics: First things first, landing up all sweaty and messy is a big no no! With your smelly breath or bad body odour, how do you suppose he would be able to sit through the entire date.

Poor Etiquettes: All the charm in the world cannot compensate for bad manners. You might plan to sweep him off with your great sense of humour and yet he would be grimacing all the time because you were busy biting your nails. No prizes were ever awarded for poor etiquettes.

Anger Management: There is no excuse for bad behaviour. Throwing your temper around is always seen in poor light. It says a lot about you as a person who is easy to lose patience and downloads all their frustration on anyone they can get hold of. You might have had the worst day possible but sharing all that unpleasantness will in turn spoil the mood for both of you.

Control Freak: Controlling every move or action of your date is going to make him deflated and incompetent, and no one wants to feel that about themselves. If you take the final call on everything then you might as well be in a relationship with yourself.

Oversharing Personal Information: First dates are just that, first time meetings. There is a thin line between detailed introductions and an open book. The open book comes at a much later stage. First date interactions should be limited even from a safety point of view. You don’t want a ‘close to a complete stranger’ to know your daily whereabouts or your residential address. Who knows, he might be a serial killer or a stalker waiting for his next victim.

Narcissist: Nobody likes a parading peacock. If you are only going to talk about yourself and your achievements, when are you going to get to know him. First date conversations need to be a two-way traffic. Your communication skills are also based on how well you listen. And in any case a narcissist does not have adequate space for someone else in the relationship.

Keep first dates simple and easy going. Don’t force a conversation and let it take its own route.

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