5 Signs that Your Spouse is Having an Affair

Amrita Majumdar
Features writer

There are many a times that people stray away from an existing relationship. For reasons right or wrong, who are we to judge. But yes, you do wish to be aware when such an occasion arises. Because, living in the dark is neither a great feeling nor should be an option for that matter.

Most often the signs won’t be as obvious as the tell-tale scent of another person or a love bite that you have no clue of. The best way ofcourse, is to ask. But you do not wish to hurt your partner by blatantly expressing your distrust. Caught in the dilemma whether your significant other is cheating or not, here are some subtle signs:

  • Change in Behavioural Pattern: Unusual or unexplained behaviour. He could be treading on either ends of the extreme. Either too distant or overtly involved. An unfaithful partner might display unpredictable mood swings. One moment he or she might be angry and withdrawn over a petty issue and the next moment happy and cheerful. This could be a manifestation of the constant tug of war that they are going through.
  • Too Many Missed Calls: Your partner’s phone is unreachable or busy, a little too much a little too often than usual. What might be more alarming that your missed calls no longer get returned. This is an obvious sign that their mind might be somewhere else and maybe their heart too.
  • Out with the Same Person Too Often: The person in question might not be the direct subject of your concern. But using the same excuse to get away might make you anxious.
  • Sex Life is Different: Notice deviations in your usual chemistry in bed. These could be signs of guilt or indifference.
  • Instinct: Because your gut feeling says so. Sometimes it is a good idea to listen to that voice in your head and believe the obvious signs. For example, an obsessive need for privacy. You are no longer privy to his or her spending, outings or for that matter wardrobe.
  • However, these are just broad guidelines. Your spouse may not display any of the above signs and still be engaged in an affair and vice-versa.

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