10 Songs You Will Find in Every iPod after a Break-Up

Amrita Majumdar
Features writer

The great Shakespeare once said “if music be the food of love, play on”. Good music can act as a soothing balm to a broken soul. A good break-up song should feel like the new boyfriend you are looking forward to, who caresses away your pain and picks you up from the cervices of heart ache. Drown your sorrows into these wonderful musical hits and dream of the fresh start ahead.

  • Keep Holding On (Avril Lavigne): Sometimes you want to hold onto hope just a bit longer. A definite heart healer.
  • Tear Drops on My Guitar (Taylor Swift): They say you need to reach the saturation point of your heartbreak to overcome it. This one really lets you soak in your misery.
  • White Horse (Taylor Swift): A soulful reality check. No knight in shining armour to rescue you.
  • Strong Enough (Cher): An uplifting song with a great tempo and strong lyrics.
  • I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor): An oldie but goody! Considered the mother of all break-up songs that you can’t get enough of.
  • Heart of the Matter (Eagles): Forgive and then maybe you will forget.
  • Someone Like You (Adele): As you let go and take the first step to move on.
  • Kuch Kam (Dostana): If the phrase ‘miss you’ could be elaborated through music, this would be it.
  • Tune Jo Na Suna (NewYork): Unrequited love finds a musical representation.
  • Alvida (D-Day): Love finds a whole new meaning. It is the journey that becomes important and not the destination.
  • Break Up Song (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil): This is how the new Gen is celebrating their breakups. Hurt has a new address!
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