Pros and cons of revenge sex

Pros and Cons of Revenge Sex

Amrita Majumdar
Features writer

The love of your life cheated on you or dumped you? Reason good enough to push you into the arms of another. The opportunity to seek retribution by gratification in bed is not just tempting but can turn out to be sweet too. Revenge sex isn’t exactly the right way up the moral high road, but hell yes, it is exciting! But exciting enough to obliterate the hurt?

Revenge sex stems out from any unresolved issues with your significant other. You were in the dark and suddenly upon reality. Not a great feeling. Your friends have heard enough and can’t come up with any more distractions or solutions. Having mixed feelings about seeing a shrink? But you still wish your partner can feel the same pain as you do. You take the next easy road to make your partner realize what they might be missing.

It does get you immediate attention and not to mention can feel surprisingly liberating. An immediate feeling of euphoria to drown your sorrows. Life doesn’t feel messed up anymore. You feel attractive and great about yourself in the arms of another. And what’s more, you can choose the type you wish to get in bed with. All checkboxes ticked and in the end, you can feel smug about it.

But does getting under someone help get over someone? Ummm…maybe not. A momentary fling is exactly that, momentary. Passions are temporarily ignited creating a successful distraction for the aching heart. But once the heat cools off your mind is back to where it was. It does not help you grieve and most certainly does not help you get even. On the contrary, you might feel more miserable than ever for hurting the person ‘you’ claimed to have loved.

Our final verdict? To each his own! If you can take the trip without the after guilt, go for it! Otherwise, wait. Time is said to be a great healer.

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