Stand Up Comedians are a Thing to Watch for this Season

Amrita Majumdar
Features writer

Stand-up comedy is considered as one of the most difficult forms of comedy. With its original roots in Greece from 400 BC, stand-up comedy is not an all new concept. But it has gained momentum in the last four decades with the advent of television and especially in the last two decades with the boom of internet media. The new and upcoming talents have a more local feel as they touch upon topics which we
talk about or experience in our usual lives. Today comedy is not simply for leisure entertainment, they are at times a tool to drive across strong social messages.

After an era of George Carlin and Peter Russell, there is a whole flock of artists to look forward to. Whether it is the cocky Matthew Broussard

or the gusty Michelle Buteau

or writer-performer Naomi Ekperigin also known as the ‘blactress’.

The art of stand –up comedy is much more adolescent in India. The first full-time stand-up shows were conducted by Johny Lever in the eighties. However, it was “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” in 2005 that provided a platform and thereafter popularity to many new talents. Today this art has found a strong foothold in our society, catering to all age groups. With the comic routines by the likes of Kapil Sharma

Vir Das


Mallika Dua

Vasundhara Kaul

Stand-up comedy is at an all-time high. Stand –up shows have managed to find their place at college fests, community centers, and local clubs, and are in the process of sharing equal space with live music very soon.

There is tough competition resulting in better performances with each passing act. This new talent is going to tickle your funny bone and if you don’t have a funny bone they are ready to implant one. But they will make sure you laugh. So cast away your shackles and stereotypes and enjoy the ride with the no holds barred gang. Do not forget to check out the performances by Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Abish Mathew, Karunesh Talwar, Neeti Palta, Varun Thakur etc. They surely have a fix for your mood at any point with their amazing stand up gigs.

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