Easy Steps to Glam Up Your Look for Parties Post Office

Amrita Majumdar
Features writer

After a hard day’s work, when it is finally to cut loose, dressing up for a party can be overwhelming. A rather long list of items follow. Fret not! The Bingeway team is at your rescue. Here are some simple tips and tricks that will get you ready for that party in no time.

Changing part of the outfit: It is easier to change part of an outfit rather than carry a separate change of clothes. For instance, glam up the otherwise demure sari with a jazzier blouse or perk up the formal black skirt with a shimmery top.

Accessorize: If you are not looking forward to a change of outfit, then accessories are your easy fix. A chunky neckpiece or sparkly chandeliers would add the required statement to an outfit. However, refrain from overloading. Remember, less is more.

Heel up: Heels are a great way of changing your stride on short notice! They instantly make you look sexy and glamorous. Depending on the kind of party and the venue, decide on the type and size of heels. For instance, don’t make the mistake of wearing stilettoes for a garden lunch. The aim is to look attractive and not uncomfortable.

Pop of color: They say a single bright spot can lift up the dullest moment. Add a spark to your attire by adding a bright colour. A touch of gold, a streak of neon or even a sensational red. Whether in the form of an accessory like a scarf or a cheerful shade of lip colour. Choose according to a daytime get together, a casual dinner or clubbing-pubbing.

Last but not the least, carry your basic make-up for a quick touch up and finish it with a face mist. In your small make-up pouch carry a mascara to add some drama to your eyes. A lip colour to add some colour to your lips and top it up with a gloss to make it more glamorous. A powder foundation is a must to make your makeup look fresh and to the point and hide those tired looking eyes after a day’s work. A little bronzer on your cheeks will change the ball game if you are going all out. Spritz some perfume on your wrists and you are ready to rock and roll!

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